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Connecting our Maine Veterans with the Services they Deserve  

Governor LePage recently announced a thrilling new initiative to benefit the brave men and women of Maine who have given their lives in service to the country. A new easy-to-navigate website will connect veterans to governmental programs. As we head into the Memorial Weekend, let’s honor our veterans. Visit www.maine.gov/veterans today! Read the transcript of the announcement below and tune in on Soundcloud. Hello, this… Read more →

Ted Cruz wins 2016 Maine Republican Caucus, Sanders bests Clinton among Democrats

The national political spotlight turned to Maine on Saturday as the Maine Republican Party (GOP) caucuses across the state decided how the state’s 23 Republican National Convention delegates will be allocated. Caucus locations across Maine saw record turnout, with over 18,600 Maine republicans showing up to caucus, more than three times the number of Maine GOP caucus-goers in 2012. Ted Cruz, who visited Maine… Read more →